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Keeping your smile healthy means brushing your teeth at least twice each day. This is a basic oral hygiene step which is important as it clears away harmful plaque and food particles, keeping you safe from tooth decay and gum disease. Today, Dr. Lynh Pham would like to give you some useful pointers on your oral care.

#1 Keeping your teeth clean with the right tools: Using good hygiene tools to care for your smile protects your tooth enamel and gum tissue. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush and make sure it fits comfortably in your mouth and reaches the areas you are needing to clean. Are you prone to cavities? If so, a fluoride toothpaste can help.

#2 Correct brushing time: It is best to brush your pearly whites at least two minutes twice each day. If you brush too long, it can be hard on tooth enamel and sensitive gum tissue, and of course, brushing less than two minutes may not be enough to remove harmful plaque.

#3 Caring for your toothbrush: Rinse your toothbrush well with water after each use. Store it upright in a toothbrush container and make sure it doesn’t touch other surfaces, especially other toothbrushes. You want it to air dry between uses and avoid contamination. Please replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months or sooner if the bristles are fraying.

If you have any questions on tooth brushing in Greenville, Texas, please call our office today at 903.454.2336. Our Smiley Dental Greenville team is happy to help you care for your smile all year round!